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Interested in Coaching EXTRA?

If you are interested in being considered to coach an EXTRA Team for Region 112, download and complete the Coaches Application: extra coach application.docx.pdf


From our Parent Handbook: “Some league teams and individual players may be allowed to participate in Area Programs at the discretion of the Regional Board and the approved program coach”. Such programs include League Championship play, EXTRA or FLEX play, All Stars, Spring League and other Recreational and Tournament Team play for teams in Divisions U10 and above.

As outlined in the National Policies; “An EXTRA, FLEX or All-Star program are progressive player programs, designed to provide a more challenging level of play for players who have the interest, skills and abilities and want to enhance their experience and individual growth through soccer while retaining the spirit of and organization membership in AYSO.  Such programs select players for participation based primarily on their ability. The National Board of Directors recognizes that such programs have historically been a part of the AYSO program in various parts of the country and allows it as an optional part of the overall program.”

League Championship Play is another Area administered program, which allows Regional “League Champions” to compete against similar teams from within the Area, only in this case it is the regular season coach who continues with his team into the Tournament. In both cases it is an honor to represent your region at the Area (and possibly Section or Tri Section level) and all participants and spectators shall act accordingly.

In addition, other “Secondary Programs” such as Spring Leagues are allowed, and “while the format of the program may differ from the primary program, it must comply with the spirit and philosophy of AYSO and use the AYSO National Rules & Regulations applicable to the Primary Program to the maximum extent possible.” In addition, “Secondary programs must be self-supporting and shall be maintained from funds collected by the region from such programs.”

It should be remembered that regular season play is the heart of the AYSO program and caution is advised when conducting these secondary programs because they may diminish volunteer resources needed for regular season play; therefore, it shall be our policy:

That these programs must be volunteer self-sufficient and should never become a more extensive or important part of any program than the basic or regular season;

That potential players should have participated in a minimum of one-half the regular season games unless prevented by injury;

That League Championship participation, if approved by the Board, shall be determined by the Regional Cup Tournament at the end of the regular season. 

That Post Season Play Coaches must possess or complete a coaching certification course at least equal to the division they will be coaching before the season begins or they shall be considered ineligible for Post Season Play consideration. Preference shall be given to coaches with a higher level certification.

All Post Season Play Coaches shall be selected and confirmed by the Regions Post Season Play Committee with Extra and All Star Coach Selection being the most qualified coach applicants that best represent the AYSO Philosophy. Other considerations may include years of service, other AYSO participation and disciplinary concerns. Once Extra and All Star Coaches are confirmed, additional Program Coaches may be notified.

Please acknowledge that you have read and understand the information / program parameters outlined above, make a copy for yourself if possible and submit with your application below.

Logistics and General Information

No coach who has failed to submit player ratings from the prior season in a timely fashion shall be considered.
Applications for ALL Post Season Coaching positions (2 pages enclosed herein) should be submitted at the team distribution meeting unless otherwise specified.
NO DISCUSSION OF RATINGS OR POSSIBLE POST SEASON PLAY SELECTION BY ANY COACH WITH ANY PARENT OR PLAYER IS PERMITTED. Any applicant may DISCREETLY observe players during the season, but there shall be NO DISCUSSION with any player or parent about the possibility of Post Season Play.
The Post Season Play Committee shall meet in Mid-September after observing the applicants, and will review the applications and recommendations of the respective DC’s before making their selections in late September.
Upon selection by the Committee, the approved Post Season Play Coaches shall prepare a list of players they wish to consider and these players shall be invited to an open evaluation session.
All-Star Coaches should not contact their team until the league season is completed; this is divisive, can disrupt league play, is strictly forbidden and will be cause for disciplinary action. If an All-Star coach chooses to participate in a tournament, those players may be notified they are being selected for a “Tournament Team” when asked to play. It is recommended that the Coach contact the parents first to assess potential conflicts and commitment.
Where multiple teams exist, Spring, and  Tournament Team Coaches should NOT notify their teams until the Extra or All Star Coach has confirmed his/her roster as these coaches may pull from ALL teams if a player (or their parents) decide that a selected player cannot play.
Players who refuse to play for a Post Season Approved coach may NOT be traded or selected for a different team and become ineligible for Post Season play that season (i.e. no coach shopping); however, players who cannot participate due to scheduling conflicts MAY be available for other Secondary programs.
Confirmed Post Season Play Coaches (i.e. those chosen by the committee) may contact a teams’ Head Coach for recommendations only. The selection process shall be determined by the individual program guidelines. Players nominated / considered for Extra or All-Star Play should be the top rated players in their age group and should, therefore, have a rating of approximately 40 or above to be eligible. A player not selected for Post Season Play does not mean they deserve a lower rating.
Coaches children should NOT be considered automatic picks for Post Season teams and selected coaches should carefully weigh the skill level of their children before accepting any Post Season Coaching opportunity. You MAY be asked to coach a team OTHER than the one you request.

For more information please contact Jack Chin, Region 112 Extra Program Coordinator

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